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Book Launch: English Edition of DIIS Theory and Methodology in Think Tanks Released by Springer


The English edition of DIIS Theory and Methodology in Think Tanks, a monograph by a team led by Prof. PAN Jiaofeng at the Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), was published and released by Springer, a world-renowned publisher.

The monograph, originally published in Chinese language in 2019, is an important achievement based on the authors’ long dedication to S&T strategic studies and national S&T layout, drawing on PAN’s research experiences and joining efforts from related researchers at CASISD.

From a holistic perspective, the book summarizes the characteristics of research issues in think tanks, and reveals the general governing rules and inherent logic of think tank research. Targeting the problems existing in domestic and international think tank research alike and starting with a problem-, evidence- and science-oriented approach, the book analyzes the methodology of think tank research from a systematic and dialectical perspective, using tools such as operation research, systems theory, and cybernetics. Based on their analysis, the authors propose the DIIS theory and methodology, in which they define a standardized workflow for think tank research as well as quality standards for think tank DIIS. For specific think tank research issues, the book provides corresponding DIIS methods, to improve the validity and reliability of the research output.

With a systematic theoretical analysis aimed at think thank research, this book might facilitate the professional development of think tanks, and better serve the modernization of the national governance system and capabilities.

The book encompasses five parts, namely Logical System of Think Tank Research, Methodological System of DIIS Theory for Think Tank Research, DIIS Methodological System of Thematic Research, System of Organizing and Building DIIS, and Research Methods and Tools of DIIS. Each part includes one to three chapters. An important achievement of CASISD’s efforts to construct a new-type think tank with Chinese characteristics, the publication and release of the English edition is expected to promote the connection and exchanges between Chinese and international discourse systems in terms of think tank research.

Founded in 1842, Springer is a world-renowned sci-tech journal and book publishing company. A pioneer in publishing original scientific research results, it is the first in peers to publish electronic journals.

The book DIIS Theory and Methodology in Think Tanks