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The 2nd Think Tank Theory and Double Helix Methodology Seminar Held in Beijing


Oct. 15-16, the 2nd Think Tank Theory and Double Helix Methodology Seminar was co-hosted by the Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies and the Institutes of Science and Development of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD) in Beijing. More than 260 experts, think tank researchers, policy scholars and management scholars participated in the on-site conference, with a total of more than 80,000 people attending the conference online.

"Scientific research cannot be separated from the innovation of theoretical methods, and the object of think tank research is complex and realistic decision-making problems, which requires even more innovation of methods." GAO Hongjun, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and an academician, said in his speech. 

Professor PAN Jiaofeng, CASISD President, proposed the Double Helix Methodology of think tank research based on many years of experience and practice in policy and strategic research, which deeply penetrates the scientificity into his research orientation, research philosophy, research process and research logic, expounds the relationship between think tank research and academic research. The method is highly recognized by the domestic think tank community, and is of great significance and value to promote the scientific research of domestic think tanks.

CAO Xiaoli, deputy director of the National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences, stated that CASISD has creatively put forward the Double Helix Methodology of think tank research, which fully reflects the characteristics of think tank research as interdisciplinary, complex and systematic science, and is an important research result of the academic community in recent years about theory, method and paradigm of think tank research.

LIU Zuoyi, deputy director of the management science department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), emphasized that think tank research aims at solving complex system problems of social and economic development and is an important part of management science research.

PAN Jiaofeng said that we should constantly innovate the theoretical methods of think tanks, play the leading role of the national pilot units for the construction of high-caliber think tanks, continue to improve the level of think tank research and promote the high-quality development of think tanks.

During the high-end dialogue on the Prospect of Science and Technology, several academicians discussed the hot S&T topics: the latest progress and development trend of nanotechnology in China, the key work of synthetic starch achievements and the development prospect of synthetic biology, the possible significant impacts the disruptive technological innovation in the field of new energy have on human life, the role of the Nobel Prize in Physics may play to solve the turbulence problem and to develop related industrial software, and the research and judgment design to identify the negative impact of disruptive technology, etc.

At the five sub-sections, more than 40 scholars conducted wonderful reports and enthusiastic discussions on topics such as think tank theory and talent cultivation, think tank construction and evaluation, theoretical discussion of double helix method, double helix method application, practice of multi-disciplinary think tank research, etc.

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