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The 3rd Sino-Finnish Forum:Think Tank Research and Multidisciplinary Integration


"It is not only the need to cope with the changing situation as well as explore a new situation, but also an important measure to promote the construction of think tanks, improving the international influence of think tank research, and jointly promote the high-quality development of think tanks", said Professor PAN Jiaofeng, President of the Institutes of Science and Development of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASISD), at the 3rd Sino-Finnish Forum held on March 30, 2022.The theme of the Forum was "Think Tank Research and Multidisciplinary Integration". More than 200 Chinese and foreign representatives from universities, think tanks and enterprises attended the meeting online. 

"At the time when profound changes unseen within a century evolving with momentum and interwinding with the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy sees a fragile recovery. This situation calls for strengthened S&T cooperation from multidisciplinary perspectives in an open manner," said PAN. 

Chinese experts deeply discussed the research methods and practice of Think Tank construction from multidisciplinary perspectives.  

Mr. SONG Dawei, former director of the Comprehensive Bureau, Policy Research Office of the State Council, introduced the Ten-steps method of think tanks research and the Double Helix Methodology application in Think Tank construction.  

Experts form Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Association for Science and Technology, CASISD, and the local think tanks from Zhejiang, Fujian and Chengdu shared their experience and thinking in the construction process of think tanks based on the various perspectives of different actors. 

Nordic experts discussed how the research could contribute to think tank research form the enlightenment of innovation research in Finland, green economic growth in Nordic countries and digital government governance in Denmark to policy consultation.  

Jari Kuusisto, Rector of University of Vaasa said, "to successfully support government's public decision-making from innovation research, there are four important elements include: knowledge integration, adequate resources, policy timing, and the capability for transfer knowledge into policy consultancy activities". Professor Markku Sotarauta and Associate Profess Cai Yuzhuo of Tampere University in Finland, Professor Rony Medaglia of Copenhagen Business School, Associate professor Torben Schubert of Lund University in Sweden also give an excellent speech. 

Ms. Li Xinxin, former vice secretary-general, the policy research office of central government, China, Mr. Xiao Liye, former president of Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS, Ms. Zhangfeng, Vice President of CASISD also attend the forum.  

The 3rd Sino-Finnish Forum was co-organized by Sino-Finnish joint research center in CASISD (SF joint center) and Chinese Association of Development Strategy Studies. The SF joint center was jointly established by the CASISD and the University of Vaasa, Finland in 2017. So far, the Sino-Finnish forum has been held three times and the research report on the energy transformation policy in Finland and China was completed. In the future, SF joint center aims to jointly pave way with experts, scholars and government officials from China and Nordic countries to solve important global issues through S&T innovation and to jointly face the challenges of The Times.