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China's Political Season: NPC Deputy Calls for Optimizing National Strength in Strategic Science and Technology



The Chinese government has stressed that the country's scientific and technological policies will aim to build national capacity and self-reliance. Efforts include improving the new system for mobilizing resources nationwide. NPC deputy PAN Jiaofeng, also the president of Institutes of Science and Development at Chinese Academy of Sciences, specifies the roles of the government and enterprises in making key technological breakthroughs.

PAN Jiaofeng, President of Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences "National strength in strategic science and technology vary from laboratories, research institutions, universities with high-level research capabilities and science-and-technology enterprises. They have respective strengths in different parts of the innovation chain, from basic research breakthroughs to application development. Only if they have a clear division of labor can they form a joint force. And we also need to optimize the layout of these strengths around the key areas.

We highlight enterprises as principal actors in innovation, because they can concentrate on the real needs in industries, and then put together research institutions, universities to carry out research, eventually solve real problems and form a higher-end value chain."