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Featured Research Areas and Directions


S&T Development Strategy

Priority is given to research into S&T development roadmaps, scientific research landscape, S&T safety, S&T legislation, S&T system, distribution of S&T resources, S&T evaluation and S&T talent policy.

S&T and Innovation Policy

Focusing on major issues concerning innovation-driven development strategy, priority is given to research into the theory and methodology for innovative development, innovation and entrepreneurship policy, industrial innovation, regional innovation and growth, enterprise innovation, and intellectual property management.

Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development

Focusing on major issues concerning ecological civilization system building, priority is given to research into the theoretical system of ecological civilization, strategy and policy for sustainable development, energy and addressing climate change, and regional development policy.

Quantitative Forecasting and Foresight Analysis

Priority is given to the research and development of systems analysis methods, tools and platforms, quantitative forecast and policy simulation, big data management and policy-making.

S&T Strategic Information and Data Platform

Priority is given world S&T strategy and development monitoring, S&T development trend and frontier judgment, and the establishment of platforms for data sharing, monitoring and analysis.