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2015 High Technology Development Report


2015 High Technology Development Report



As the 14th edition of the CAS annual science report series, its main goal is to present a survey of science development in China and across the world in 2010, including an outlook of science development trends in major or frontier fields, reports on representative achievements of Chinese scientists and science topics of public interests, a description of the important role of science in China's strategies of developing the country through science and education and sustainable development, and recommendations to the national authorities on science development strategy and policy. The report provides consecutive reference to decision-making, legislative and administrative departments at various levels. It intends a wide readership, including policymakers and administrators at various levels, scientists and engineers from research institutions, colleague faculties and students, and the general public.


Deepen the Reform of System and Mechanism, Develop the Potential of Science, Technology and Innovation 
Chapter 1 Overview of High Technology Development in 2014
Chapter 2 Progress in Aeronautical Technology

2.1   Progress  in Aeronautical Materials

2.2   Progress  in Aero Engine Technology

2.3   Progress  in Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology

2.4   Progress  in Avionics

2.5  Progress in  Guidance and Control of Hypersonic Vehicles

Chapter 3 Progress  in Space Technology 

3.1   Progress in Deep Space Exploration Technology

3.2   Progress in Satellite Optical Communication Technology

3.3   Progress  in Satellite Navigation Technology

3.4   Progress  in Remote Sensing Technology

3.5   Progress  in Human Spaceflight Technology

3.6  Progress in Launch Vehicle Technology

Chapter 4 Progress  in Marine Technology

4.1   Progress  in Deep-sea Exploration Technology

4.2   Progress  in Seawater Desalination Technology

4.3   Progress  in Marine Farming Technology

4.4   Progress  in Marine Pollution Monitoring and Control Technology

4.5   Progress in Marine Drugs Technology

4.6   Progress in Underwater Acoustic Technology

4.7   Progress in Marine Energy Resources Utilization Technology

Chapter 5 Commercialization of Aeronautics, Space and Marine Technology 

5.1   Progress  in Commercialization of  General Aviation

5.2   Progress  in Commercialization of  Aero Engine

5.3   Progress  in Commercialization of  Earth Observation Technology

5.4   Progress  in Commercialization of  Satellite Positioning and Navigation Technology

5.5   Progress in Commercialization of Microsatellites

5.6  Progress in Commercialization of Deep-sea Detection Device Manufacturing

5.7  Progress in Commercialization of Seawater Desalination Technology

5.8   Progress in Commercialization of Marine Biotechnology

Chapter 6 Evaluation on High-tech Industry Competitiveness and Innovation Capacity 

6.1 Evaluation on International Competitiveness of Aircraft and Spacecraft Manufacturing Industry in China

6.2   Evaluation on Innovation Capacity of Aircraft and Spacecraft Manufacturing Industry in China

Chapter 7 High Technology and Society

7.1  Artificial Intelligence: Some Thoughts from Ethical Perspective

7.2  Construction and Improvement of the Chinese Legal System in the Context of Maritime Power

7.3  Interactive Development of Space Technology and Society: Taking NASA as an Example

7.4   3D Printing Technology and Its Impact on Advanced Manufacturing

7.5  Some Thoughts on the Knowledge Mode of Big Data and Smart Societies

Chapter 8 Expert Forum 

8.1   Some Thoughts on Deepening the System Reform for Innovation-Driven Development

8.2   Some Thoughts and Suggestions about Implementing "China Industry 4.0"

8.3   The Key Areas and Policy Suggestions of Emerging Industry Development in China in the Next 5-10 Years

8.4   Thinking and Suggestions on Chinese Marine Science and Technology Strategy

8.5   Strategic Thinking on Beidou Satellite Navigation Policies and Regulations