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2015 Science Development Report


2015 Science Development Report



The Science Development Report, which has been published successively by CAS over the past 18 years since 1997,prepares important grounds for macroscopic decision-making on S&T advancement. The content of this year's edition includes a comprehensive analysis of the world's frontier science development in 2014,an outlook on research advances in major science fields, reports on representative achievements of Chinese scientists, observations on world's S&T development, strategic planning and layout of science and technology,a brief account of overall science progress in China, and suggestions on science advancement in China.


Deepen the Reform of System and Mechanism, Develop the Poteintial of Science, Technology and Innovation 
Chapter 1 An Outlook on Science 

1.1  Space Science: the Pioneer in Basic Frontier Science Exploration

1.2  Development Prospect of Micro/Nano-Photonics

Chapter 2 Frontiers in Sciences 

2.1  The Rosseta Mission: Catching A Comet

2.2  Major Research Problems in the Frontier of Nuclear Physics

2.3  Research Progress and Prospect of Neutrino Studies

2.4  Chiral Science and Chiro technology: A Multidimensional and Interdisciplinary Frontier in the Arena of Chemical Science

2.5  Photonics Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks

2.6  Cl Chemistry and Catalysis in Clean and Efficient Conversion of Coal

2.7  Genome Editing: Development, Applications and Opportunities

2.8  Progress in the Study of "Mapping Brain Functional Connections"

2.9  Current Status and Prospect of Molecular Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer

2.10 HIV-1 Latent Reservoir and Therapy

2.11 Health Effects of Ultrafine Particles in Ambient Air

2.12 Cryo-Electron Microscopy is Becoming the Major Research Tool of Structural Biology

2.13 Efficient Blue Light-emitting DiodeCommentary on the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics

2.14 Super-resolution Fluorescent MicroscopyCommentary On the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

2.15 The Brain's Inner Global Positioning System (GPS)Commentary on the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Chapter 3 Representative Achievements of Chinese Scientific Research in 2014

3.1  Progress in Hilberts 18th Problem

3.2  Chinese Astronomer was Invited to Review Our Current Understanding of Black Hole Accretion

3.3  Experimental Realization of Universal Geometric Quantum Gates with Solid-state Spins

3.4  Upgrade Catalytic Interfaces of Nanocatalysts from One-Dimensional to Three-Dimensional

3.5  Demon-Like Algorithmic Quantum Cooling and Its Realizationmwith Quantum Optics

3.6  Nonlinear Inelastic Electron Scattering Revealed by Plasmon-enhanced Electron Energy-loss Spectroscopy

3.7  Aptamers for Theranostics: Molecular Drug

3.8  Solution-processed, High-performance Light-emitting Diodes Based on Quantum Dots

3.9  Identification of An Iridium-containing Compound with A Formal Oxidation State of

3.10 Research Progress on Mercury-free Catalyst for Synthesis of Vinyl Chloride Via Acetylene Hydrochlorination: Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanocomposites SiC@NC

3.11 The Secondary Structure of ChromatinDouble Helical Model of the 30-nm Chromatin Fiber

3.12 MicroRNA Directly Enhances Mitochondrial Translation during Muscle Differentiation

3.13 Complementary Sequence-mediated Exon Circularization

3.14 TET and TDG Mediate DNA Demethylation Essential for Mesenchymal-to-Epithelial Transition in Somatic Cell Reprogramming

3.15 Genome-Wide Association Analyses Provide Genetic and Biochemical Insights into Natural variation in Rice Metabolism

3.16 Polar Body Genome Transfer for Preventing the Transmission of Inherited Mitochondrial Diseases

3.17 An Inactivated Enterovirus 71 Vaccine in Healthy Children

3.18 Alterations of the Human Gut Microbiome in Liver Cirrhosis

3.19 Mutant ZP1 in Familial Infertility

3.20 Molecular Mechanism of Innate Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases

3.21 An Integrative Approach to Understanding Bird Origins

3.22 The Response of Tropical Terrestrial Carbon Cycle to Climate Change

3.23 Deep Earth and Advances in High Pressure Crystallography

3.24 500-Year Climate Cycles Stacking of Recent Centennial Warming Documented in Pollen Record

3.25 The First Accurate, Comprehensive and Quantitative Study of Secondary Aerosol in PM2.5During Haze Pollution in China

Chapter 4 Observations on Development of Science and Technology

4.1  Observations on  Development of Basic Sciences and Frontiers

4.2  Observations on  Development of Public Health Science and Technology

4.3  Observations on  Development of Biological Sciences

4.4  Observations on  Development of Agricultural Science and Technology

4.5  Observations on  Development of Environment Science

4.6  Observations on  Development of Earth Science

4.7  Observations on  Development of Oceanography

4.8  Observations on  Development of Space Science

4.9  Observations on Development of Information Science and Technology

4.10 Observations on Development of Energy Science and Technology

4.11 Observations on Development of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

4.12 Observations on Development of Major Research Infrastructure Science and Technology

Chapter 5 Brief Accounts of Science Developments in China

5.1 Major Progress of the Work of the Department of Basic Research of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014

5.2  Projects Granted by National Natural Science Fund in 2014

5.3 The Evaluation of Academic Production in ChinaBased on WoS Database (2009 - 2013)   

Chapter 6 Suggestions on Science Developments in China 

6.1 Building Special Zone of Ecological Prataculture, Exploring New Development Mode for Pastoral Area

6.2 Impact of Climate Change on Tibetan Plateau's Function of Environmental and Ecological Security Barrier and the Adaptive Strategies for It

6.3 Suggestions for Function Orientation and coordinating development of sub-regions within Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration

6.4 Suggestions for Deepening Reform of Medical and Health System

6.5 Implementing Strategic Research on "Materials Genome", and Promoting Material Development for Advanced Manufacturing Industry


1.    2014's Top 10 S&T Advances in China and World

2.    Overview of Xiangshan Science Conference Academic Meetings 2014

3.    List of Forum on Frontiers of Science & Technology by Academic Divisions of CAS in 2014