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2018 Science Development Report



Comprehensively and Deeply Promote the Construction of a World 's Science and Technology Power


Chapter 1 An Outlook on Science 

1.1     Semiconductor Science and Technology 
            ——The Cornerstone of The Information Society
1.2     Development and Prospect of Earth System Science

Chapter 2 Frontiers in Sciences

2.1     Progresses of Indirect Detection of Dark Matter
2.2     Progress and Prospect of Triboelectric Nanogenerators
2.3     Synthetic Sciences 2.0: Integration of Synthetic Chemistry & Synthetic Biology
2.4     Progress and Future of Brain Microscopic Connectomics
2.5     Research Progress and Prospect of Soil Pollution and Remediation in China
2.6     Detection of Gravitational Waves: Hunting Ripples of the Spacetime 
            ——Commentary on the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics
2.7     Cryo-Electron Microscopy 
            ——Commentary on the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
2.8     Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Clock
            ——Commentary on the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiologyor Medicine 

Chapter 3 Representative Achievements of Chinese Scientific Research in 2017

3.1     Precise Measurement of Cosmic Ray Electron and Positron Spectrum in a very Wide Energy Range with DAMPE
3.2     Ultrastrong Steel via Minima l Lattice Misfit and High-density Nanoprecipitation
3.3     The Efficient Low-Temperature Hydrogen Production and Storage "
3.4     A Major Breakthrough in All-nitrogen Ultrahigh- Energetic Materials 
            ——Successful Synthesis of the First Pentazolate Anion (N5) Compound
3.5     Direct CO2 Hydrogenation to Gasoline Fuels with High Selectivity
3.6     Ion Sieving in Graphene Oxide Membranes via Cationic Control of Interlayer Spacing
3.7     Effect of Levothyroxine on Miscarriage among Women with Normal Thyroid Function and Thyroid Autoimmunity Undergoing IVF-ET
3.8     Structural Studies of the Full-length Human Glucagon Receptor
3.9     A Paralogous Decoy Protects Phytophthora sojae Apoplastic Effector PsXEG1 from a Host Inhibitor
3.10   Central Circuitry Mechanisms of Itch Sensation
3.11   Revealing the Neural Mechanism for Social Dominance Determination
3.12   Revealing the Key Mechanism for Regulation of Viral Infection Through IncRNA and Metabolism
3.13   Architecture of Human Mitochondrial Respiratory Megacomplex I2III2IV2
3.14   Structural and Mechanistic Basis of RNA Cleavage in Type VI CRISPR-Cas Systems
3.15   Highly Accurate Fluorogenic DNA Sequencing with Information Theory-based Error Correction
3.16   Live Birth in an Archosauromorph Reptile
3.17   Iron Isotopic Fractionation during Core-Mantle Differentiation
3.19   The Birth of the Xigaze Forearc Basin in Southern Tibet
3.20   Large Scale Transport of Microbes in the Environment

Chapter 4 Observations on Development of Science and Technology

4.1     Basic Sciences and Frontiers
4.2     Public Health Science and Technology
4.3     Bioscience and Biotechnology
4.4     Agricultural Science and Technology
4.5     Environment Science
4.6     Earth Science
4.7     Oceanography
4.8     Space Science
4.9     Information Technology
4.10   Energy Science and Technology
4.11   Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
4.12   Major Research Infrastructure Science and Technology

Chapter 5 A Brief of Science Development in China

5.1     Annual Review of the Department of Basic Research of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2017
5.2     Projects Granted by National Natural Science Fund in 2017
5.3     Science Structure Map of China

Chapter 6 Suggestions on Science Development in China

6.1     Suggestions on Construction of "Resource-conserving and Environment-friendly" Green Seed Industry
6.2     Key Findings and Several Suggestions on Post-AR5 Climate Change
6.3     Scientific Issues and Policy Recommendations on the Assessment, Protection and Governance of China's Marine Ecological Environment


1.     2017's Top 10 Science Technology Advances in China and World
2.     List of the Newly Elected CAS and CAE Members in 2017
3.     Overview of Xiangshan Science Conference Academic Meetings
4.     List of Fora on Frontiers of Science & Technology by Academic Divisions of CAS in 2017