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2019 Science Development Report


Lay a Soild Foundation for the Construction of a World Science and Technology Power


Chapter 1 An Outlook on Science

1.1 Recent Progress and Prospect of Two-Dimensional Materials
1.2 Development Status and Prospects of Wide- Bandgap Semiconductor Luminescence

Chapter 2 Frontiers in Sciences

2.1 Major Scientific Issues in the Exploration of Heliospheric Interface
2.2 Quantum Computing: Progress and Prospect
2.3 Research Progress of Nano Green Printing Technology
2.4 Current Insights and Future Research Avenues of Gut Microbiome in Psychiatric Disorders
2.5 Chirp Pulse Amplification: Toward the Ultrafast and Ultraintense Laser
——Commentary on the2018 Nobel Prize in Physics
2.6 The Power of Evolution
——Commentary on the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
2.7 The Future of Anticancer Immunotherapy
——Commentary on the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Chapter 3 Representative Achievements of Chinese Scientific Research in 2018

3.1 Discovery of an Extrasolar Planet Population with the LAMOST
3.2 The Discovery of the Most Li-rich Giants
——Probing the Mechanism of Li Production
3.3 "Seeing"the Ion Hydrates and Revealing the Magic Number Effect
3.4 "Majorana Trilogy" in Iron-Based High-Temperature Supercapacitors
3.5 Artificial Genomic Rearrangements Drive Rapid Evolution of Genomes
3.6 d Orbital Bonding and the 18-Electron Rule for Main Group Alkaline Earth Octacarbonyl Complexes
3.7 The Study of the Geometric Phase Effect in the H+HD Reaction
3.8 Development of New Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Probes Based on the Reversible Chromophore Reaction of BODIPYs
3.9 Cloning of Macaque Monkeys by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
3.10 SIRT6 Deficiency Results in Developmental Retardation in
3.11 Evolutionary Cradles and Museums of the Chinese Angiosperm Flora
3.12 Creating a Functional Single-Chromosome Yeast
3.13 The Development and Application of Novel Genetically-Encoded Fluorescent Sensors for Neurotransmitters
3.14 The Neurochemical Mechanism Underlying Sunlight-Induced Improvement of Learning and Memory
3.15 Maternal Huluwa Dictates the Embryonic Body Axis in Vertebrates
3.16 Molecular Mechanism of Herpesvirus Capsid Assembly
3.17 The Earliest Human Occupation of the High-Altitude Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 40 Thousand to 30 Thousand Years Ago
3.18 Increased Variability of Eastern Pacific El Nino Under Greenhouse Warming

Chapter 4 Observations on Development of Science and Technology

4.1 Basic Sciences and Frontiers
4.2 Public Health Science and Technology
4.3 Bioscience and Biotechnology
4.4 Agricultural Science and Technology
4.5 Environment Science
4.6 Earth Science
4.7 Oceanography
4.8 Space Science
4.9 Information Technology
4.10 Energy Science and Technology
4.11 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
4.12 Major Research Infrastructure Science and Technology

Chapter 5 A Brief of Science Development in China

5.1 Annual Review of the Department of Basic Research of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2018
5.2 Projects Granted by National Natural Science Fund in 2018

Chapter 6 Suggestions on Science Development in China

6.1 Suggestions on Enhancing Chinese Scientists' Institutionalized Participation in Law Making
6.2 Suggestions on Improving the Structural Problems of Basic Research Activities in China
6.3 Thoughts and Suggestions on China's Smart City Construction


1. 2018's Top 10 Science & Technology Advances in China and World
2. Overview of Xiangshan Science Conference Academic Meetings in 2018
3. List of Fora on Frontiers of Science Technology by Academic Divisions of CAS in 2018