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Organization of Research Activities

Oriented to problems, scientific research and evidence, the CASISD will focus on major strategic consultation tasks in science and technology, and coordinate the development of relevant research areas and comprehensive, interdisciplinary and frontier studies. It will provide strong support to the national macroscopic policy-makers through establishing a professional research and support force, continuously building up its capacities for systems analysis, comprehensive integration, foresight and pre-judgment, and frontier and interdisciplinary studies.   

 (1) Accomplishment of Three Kinds of Research Tasks

Various organization and management modes will be adopted, and relevant evaluation mechanisms will be employed according to different research tasks.

 CASISD will mainly conduct three kinds of research tasks:

  Tasks assigned by the central authorities;

  Major research and foresight tasks entrusted by the CAS Headquarters and CASAD, and research tasks entrusted by national macroscopic administrations;

  Research tasks funded by the national government, local governments and enterprises conforming to the orientation of the CASISD

 (2) Building up Five Mechanisms Underlying Effective Accomplishment of Research Activities

  A mechanism to support decision-making in line with the requirements of the national high-level think tank pilot program.

  A mechanism to efficiently communicate with national macroscopic policy-making department;

  A mechanism to coordinate (or consult with) relevant departments of CAS

  A mechanism to effectively coordinate the operations of different sections within the CASISD.

  A mechanism to work with other high-end think tanks in China and across the world featuring opening and cooperation.