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Orientation and Missions


A research and support institution for the Academic Divisions of CAS (CASAD) to play its role as China’s highest advisory body in science and technology, a think-tank-oriented research organization pooling advantageous research forces across the Academy, and a key carrier and a comprehensive integration platform for the CAS to take the lead in establishing a national high-level S&T think tank.


A global leader in policy thinking on science, technology and innovation development.


To develop the core carrier of a world-class S&T think tank which is valued and trusted by the nation and society; to set up a globalized network of strategy and policy research featuring opening and cooperation in light of the world’s frontiers of science, major needs of the country and key sectors of the nation’s economy, by leveraging CAS combined and integrated strength in research, education and strategic advice; to offer science-based recommendations for decision-makings concerning China’s long-term and overall development; and to provide society with scientific thinking to address global challenges and promote sustainable development.